Demolition and removal

Ascon Company is a pioneer in demolition and removal work, and it has contracted with Saudi Aramco in projects to remove some factories, power stations, electricity units and water desalination plants, in addition to removing natural gas stations that have been removed from service and giant oil and water tanks on large areas, including the removal of the Ju’aymah area sorting plant And Shadqam 2 water pumping station, with all security and safety stages subject to Aramco. Some of the tenders and auctions that we got from Aramco were removing oil pipelines and pipelines, in addition to contracts with other local companies.

Ascon, as the most important contracting company with Aramco, has undertaken a wide range of projects related to the removal of oil and cooling stations, the lifting and removal of giant tanks and crumbling oil pipelines in many locations, including:

1- Removing, dismantling and discharging oil and gas from the Qatif plant 2 in 2017 in Ju’aymah – Ras Tanura on an area of ​​60,000 square meters in a period of 8 months

2- The water station in Shadqam (Web2) was removed in 2014-2015, the oil and gas was discharged from it, and eleven water pumping stations were transported and removed from it. 36200 meters for the same years 2014-2015

3- Three turbines, along with the three generators, and their entire belongings were removed from the Aramco company in Al-Mujaz site on the western coast of the Red Sea near Yanbu, 60 kilometers south of Yanbu in 2017.

4- In addition to removing 4 power stations for Aramco Abqaiq and removing a water station in Abqaiq with an area of ​​10,000 square meters in 2016.

5- The Jeddah refinery was dismantled and relocated with all its equipment and a work team of more than 70 persons including engineers, technicians, observers, drivers and workers in 2007.

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