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Our company is one of the largest companies within the Kingdom as we have the best technical personnel, starting from the engineering and administrative staff and technicians who have been selected at the highest levels in terms of experience in design and the use of modern technology in all contracting work from construction and building and specialists in this field and it is well proven with great experience in the field of contracting And finishes such as electrification, plumbing, installation of ceramics at all levels and what is required, and we consider the distinguishing mark between all companies and we have modern equipment that helps our team to perform their work to the fullest.

Ascon Company has implemented a group of vital projects in the city of Dammam, and one of the most important of these projects is the construction and construction of elite schools in Al-Shula neighborhood in Al-Fakhariyah in 2015 AD and it is composed of a school complex for boys on an area of ​​10 thousand square meters. A complete plan was worked out and implemented by our engineers and Our consultants as it contains three main buildings and each building consists of four and a half floors. Excavation, construction, cladding, plumbing, electrical and final finishes and furniture have been completed by our company.

The project was implemented within two years only, and another complex for girls was implemented, from excavation works to final finishes and turnkey.

The company has also carried out construction and finishing works for many buildings, private villas, commercial complexes and palaces due to our possession of technical and engineering expertise, qualified workers, machines and modern equipment, in addition to the construction of Cornice Housing for Al-Tahlia in Jubail, with an area of ​​6000 square meters. Gas plants were also established. Digging and installing pipes with an area of ​​2700 square meters with the Chinese company CBB in Haradh and Hawiyah in 2019/2020

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